About Us

Growers Box is based in Mareeba and delivers mixed produce box’s to homes and businesses in Cairns, Northern Beaches, Kuranda, Mareeba, Walkman, Tolga and Atherton.

We source from local farmers who grow only the freshest quality produce that is spray free, sustainable, eco friendly and is organic where possible.

We love supporting our famers and that’s why we only source local produce from the Tablelands and buy directly from farmers, cutting out the middle man and making sure everyone gets the prices that they deserve!


Food Miles

How old is your food? At the best of times your food has travelled 1500 to 2000 kilometers before you get it and is at least two weeks old! Which becomes the next question... How much nutritional value are you getting from food that is at least two weeks old, and if you’re lucky, you’re getting 40% of what you need.

At Growers Box, local actually means LOCAL: nothing travels more than 100Km before getting to your door, that’s why we can guarantee superior quality, freshness and a reduced impact on the environment. You might think you are eating fresh.

You might think you are nourishing your body with raw produce picked recently from the tree. But you would be mistaken. Did you know that the produce found in the ‘fresh food’ section of a supermarket, is generally anything but fresh? In fact, the apples in a standard grocery store could be OVER A YEAR OLD, having been picked when they are slightly unripe, treated with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), waxed, boxed, stacked and stored in a cold room for an average of 12 months ‘for your convenience’.

That’s why at Growers Box we only pick what’s in season, changing our produce weekly and monthly depending on what is available in the area. We pack and deliver our produce all within 2-3 days of picking, so by the time it’s on your plate you’re getting the freshest and most nutrient rich produce you can find.


Preserve flavour

Because today’s crops are grown to be shipped long distances, farmers plant varieties that will survive transport best. That means the fruits are not grown for flavor but hardiness, the tomatoes are chosen for their thick skins and standardized size. Growers pick produce long before natural ripening.

The taste suffers even more during cold storage and shipping. As a result, who really wants to eat the cardboard-like fruits and vegetables available most of the year at the supermarket?

Few of us know what straight-off-the-vine cherry tomatoes taste like, not many of us have ever tried freshly picked strawberries or crisp beans still warm from the sun.

BUT when you buy locally, you get a powerhouse of flavor. Farmers can pick the fruits and vegetables at peak ripeness because their customers are an hour or two away.